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anything south coast sea fishing related here

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Metalmark wrote:Allwayslearning: I had my first sesh at T/Q last saturday evening.... I was using basic running ledger and 2 hook flapper rigs all with size 4 hooks............. caught plenty mate mostly on worm but had a scad on a small piece of Pout.

it looks a real good mark and i have seen the reports about it , and i WILL catch there just not going my way atm but im lucky with my job that i can put the time in :D :D

i think the venue is just bit slow over the last few days as after talking to a good few angles not much being reported ( unless in the town quay secret service i been talking to =)) =)) )
will be back tonight unless we end up somewhere else with wannacatch ........



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wannacatch1 wrote:Did not notice that Mark :D how blonde am I.Any Frenchbar What mark did you go to?

DAZ B-) B-)
went to the right side of avon beach,fished tuesday afternoon for 2 hours -1 bass and the same on wednesday

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