'Summer species have arrived down south'

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'Summer species have arrived down south'

Post by busadon »

Hi all,
Haven't been on here for a while but thought i'd let you know how i've been doing recently.
Went over to the Isle of Wight at Easter (annual fishing and p'up with a few friends)
Fished the pier at Sandown and had some cracking fun ( holds british shore caught Bass record - caught there a few years back)
Float fished with two hooks on a sliding rig with Mackerel strip for any early Mackerel or Gars and filled my boots, plenty of both, great fun - very early this year although it has been settled and warm for quite a while.
As i had some decent fresh bait i put out some large fresh mackerel fillets on a bottom rod a decent way out from the pier.
Didn't have anything on the bottom rod for a while then had a good continual rattle and pull over and struck in to something that felt really solid !
After a good bit of heaving with a small audience watching, up she came.
A cracking Turbot ! :D not quite in double figures but a lovely fish all the same.
They have been caught to 18lb on the pier in the past and a few weeks back a guy had a 16lb ray on the pier in a night match!

Got back home and after the luck i had at Easter had the itch to have another go.
Because the weather was so good i went down to Seaford on Tuesday - day tide (smallest tide for ages so wasn't expecting much) to have a go feather flinging to see if there were any early Mackerel down there as well.
Got down there three hours before high tide.
First half a dozen casts nothing, thought this might be a waste of time then bang! two thumps on the rod told me i'd hooked up two, sure enough two landed at my feet - decent size too -not joeys !
This carried on up to the top of the tide with three on a trace of four hooks at times so had another good day :D
Looks like we might be in for a good summer lads.

Tight lines all,
Busadon. :) :)

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Post by pompeyjoe »

Well done mate cracking report :) good to hear of some descent fish coming up. makerel starting to show at south parade pier too.
Hopefully it will be a good summer :D :D

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Post by kayakfishing »

I fished Sandown pier over easter aswell, just caught garfish on sandeel. Im told its the best pier around for mackarel in summer, but feathers were banned there :(

Should be banned on every pier in my opinion. Way to many kids/adults that are way to dangerous and a line with 5 or more hooks on it is a disaster waiting to happen.

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Post by Dingelberry88 »

sweet......nice work great post think i might get the lures out!

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Post by pompeykev »

That's a huge shore-caught turbot! I had them at Sandown to around 2lb last year and thought I had done pretty well! Also good to know that the mackerel and gars are properly in - just planning my session for Saturday now......

Well done - good report.


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