newtons cove

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newtons cove

Post by Dannyg4561 »

On holiday in weymouth.

when out on 12/08/10, for a couple hours with the lil man. went from ferry bridge to no avail. decided to go from newtons cove. lil man caught 11 fish (wrasse/pollock) the old man caught 9 fish (wrasse/pollock/eel), and i caught a set of feathers lol. i didnt have time to fish, i was sorting out my five year old, (lil man)...

all fish returned quickly and safely, no mackrel tho, which was strange :(

there is always tonight

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Post by pompeykev »

I never mind blanking when the nippers are catching! It's great to see their happy faces as they pull the fish in - priceless. Hope you have some luck tonight!


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Post by pompeyjoe »

Yeah ill watch my kids pull in fish all day if I could,there the fishermen of the future!

Good luck for tonight :)

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