Eastoke Sunday Night

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Eastoke Sunday Night

Post by Eddiec »

Set out on my 1st session in a while with Lewis over to Eastoke Hayling.

On route a quick Chip shop stop and a look at Sandy Point to see if there were any Macky showing Didn't look it so went and set up at Eastoke Groyne 22, low water.

1 rod with whole Macky fillet on a Pulley Penal 3/0 and a 2 hook flapper worm tipped with squid

Force 4/5 winds made bites difficult to see as the tiny Bream seemed to be robbing the worm baits but as i reeled in to change the Macky bait as i got it to the surf something pulled back


Only small but my 1st shore caught Ray from the beach so well happy with that which is a Undulate

Re baited with the same baits and a short while after had another take, new what this was by the headbanging


Lewis holding the culprit, fought well for its size and I'm still waiting for my 1st lunker this year.

Lewis was getting a bit fed up but as the wind dropped he had his fish to save a blank


A black Bream to keep him happy

As time was getting towards midnight i changed the scratching rig to a Penal 3/0 with worm/crab bait.

A couple casts later had 2 small knocks so left it for a while, then i was slack lined. Struck and could feel a good weight and it went mad as it got to 20 yds out


1st smut of the year that went just over 8lb

Following cast got slack lined again but could not connect and that was the last of the action there

We packed up and moved to Sandy Point for 1st light for a bit of spinning for Macky/Bass with nothing showing apart from Lewis's sailor friend manning the entrance gates


Not the most hectic session but well happy with what was caught and a new species

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Post by pompeykev »

Good selection of fish there! Not sure that many undulates (or other rays for that matter) come up from Hayling too often, though Eccles and Clarissa will know more than me. Nice smoothie too! Might have to give Hayling a go before too long - last time I fished Eastoke (Groyne 21), all I got was a micro bream, so I've got a bit of catching up to do.

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Post by eccles »

WD lads, yes quite unusual to see a ray at Hayling in my experience although we do get the odd one or two at this time of year. My mate even hooked a small stinger a couple of years ago and didn't know what it was until I warned him LOL.

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Post by Clarissa »


If you wanna increase your chances of a fish whilst 'spinning' ......

try near the Hay. Isl. Yacht Club pontoon using a small white/natural rubber sandeel on a 'flying collar-type rig'.

Schoolies (and occasional 3/4lber) can be suicidal!


They tend to be on the bottom, not the surface!



Post by cuckoo »

Great report ed ;) welll done on your first shore caught ray , and you are getting ever closer to your first double hound :D :D

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Post by havantman »

only just logged in and saw your report we was at groin 5 that night and landed this 15lb smoothie.it put up a cracking fight and we caught it on live peeler crab. Image[/img]

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