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Back At Last And With FISH !!

Posted: Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:42 pm
by dannypanter
Hi Ladies and Gents,
Well ive been away for a while but finally managed to get out and have some good fishing last friday at Abbotsbury. What was meant to be a trip to minehead the reports didnt seem to favour the long drive there.
We started fishing at 8pm but first to bag up some fresh mackie and the sea was bubbling with them i havent seen so many large shoals in years.
Anyway armed with peeler, lug, squid, mackie and sandeel i set up a 3 hook clip down rig with short snoods and a 3 hook loop rig with longer snoods.
Every cast saw at least one - three fish starting with a nice red gurnard about 1lb 32cm my first ever so a PB for me then Bream a plenty then pouting whitting scad pooor cod dog fish a few hounds at range caught by my fellow anglers.
I came 3rd with 516cm
stevo 2nd 521 (dog on last cast)
and steve with 1144cm of fish
A great session with plenty of fish
Tight lines danny

Posted: Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:25 pm
by pompeykev
Nice one Danny - that's a very varied haul! Few species there that I don't often see - in particular scad which we used to get from S Parade Pier when I was a nipper but haven't seen since. Never fished Chesil but often been tempted - maybe this Autumn.....