Bream in Southsea

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Bream in Southsea

Post by beyenyamin »

Fished Southsea sea front for the last 2 nights, between my mate and i we had 9 fish comprised of 5 species. We fished high tide down on both occasions and the bites continued for four around the first four hours of the ebb.
First night my mate had 1 pout, 1 poor cod (decent size) and one school bass, i had a doggie on my first cast and that was it for me, however, i was plagued all night by very decent bites that were resulting in just stolen bait.
Anyway, intrigued as i was with this situation i headed down alone last night to try and find out what the cause was, i decided to opt for smaller hooks to give myself a better chance of landing the fish, well, first few casts i had a school bass around 35cm, already things were looking up for me.
i then had a series of very strong bites followed by some slack line, i reeled in the slack and felt the some weight and a few good knocks so i struck, fish on, it fought all the way in giving a good account of itself, probably the best fight i've had with something other than a smooth hound, it came all the way into the surf and then i felt the tension in my line release, gone. on closer inspection my small size four fine wire hook had been bent almost straight, i was sorely disappointed at "the one that got away".
However next cast i had a small poor cod so i picked myself up as there was still fishing to be done, wasn't long after this that same instant bites as the night before returned, so i waited for a few good knocks and struck (my new smaller hooks and smaller baits giving me confidence it would not escape this time) fish on! Reeled it in and my suspicions were confirmed, a black bream of around 28cm, a nice fish.
I had two more bream after that one of them another dinner sized one at 27cm. Packed it in at around 4am this morning after an hour of biteless casts. Baits used over both sessions were rag, sand eel, squid and maccie. The only thing that scored other than rag was sand eel which was eaten by a discerning poor cod!!
All in all probably the best couple of sessions i have had in southsea. Looks like the fishing around here is improving.

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Post by eccles »

WD mate, yes the bream are in and will soon pinch yer bait and run off if you don't move fast enough. Got to be small hooks, I use size 2 baitholders with the blighters and strike quickly when you get those tell tale typical bream rattles. Don't have long strips of bait on the hooks either; short and sweet is the answer or small worms otherwise they just chew any loose bits off and beat it.

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Post by Southsea »

hi Ben, which bit of the front were you fishing?

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Post by Nitefisher »

great couple of nights ben. Hope this power cut will give me some free time to get and wet a line instead of working this WKD.

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