peeler are they necessary?

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peeler are they necessary?

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last two fridays have fished at milford/hordle cliff both sessions were fairly good with three smoothies caught each visit along with schoolies pout and dogs also . baits taken on both sessions inc fresh live peeler, rag sandeel mackereland a few lug both weeks the majority of fish caught were all caught on plain simple rag the only fish caught on peeler was a single doggie, i use multiplem hoo traces and perhaps the scent of the peeler attracyts the fish to the vicinity of the trace but it seems very strange that the peeler have not been as effective as perhaps they should have been
any comments???
:D :D :D
ps i expect i will still have peeler with me this fri

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Agree with bey, smuts will take hard crab and squid, the peeler crab theory is a bit of a fallacy.

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Peeler Crab

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Hi all,
for what its worth I think Peeler Crab is over rated and over priced by miles,
I was on Canvey point on 06th June and had 5 small bass 3 on Lug Worm + 2 on Peeler I don't normally use Peeler but got a hand full at a very good price, i would never pay the silly shop prices,
Tight Lines,

Ps-: 2 others with me also caught on Lug.

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