Dab will do nicely

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Dab will do nicely

Post by Spikeyrich »

Fished Eastney in front of the soldier Sunday night. 730 til 1030 just to get me out. High tide was about 930. 10pm I had a small tug and pulled up a handsome little Dab of 11inches. Nothing too exciting until you know that im still a newbie, and this is my first Dab. So, a personal best. I didnt weigh it, but measured and returned. Im not really sure what you can and cant eat???? Well apart from the obvious Mackeral, Bass, and Cod of course. Would like some advice on that if anyone can.


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Post by eccles »

Hi mate, Dab are very tasty indeed IMO - you can tell them from other flatties by a pronounced curve in the lateral line just above the pectoral fin. They are not a large fish anyway so the one you caught was probably big enough to grill whole for around ten mins - scrummy!

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Post by donkey_9 »

Well done on the Dab Spikeyrich,

Always good to get a new PB under the belt. Even more so as the fishing is proving quite hard at present.

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Post by robc22 »

Dabs are VERY tasty......do your self a favour next time and take some home for tea!!......

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Post by beyenyamin »

Gratz on the dab mate,
i was down the same spot myself the night after
you and blanked, as did my two mates.
but i had my first dab about the same size as
yours from that very spot a couple months ago,
nice little fish, but i didn't take mine home to
eat either so can't tell you how they taste

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Post by geordiesandman »

i like a bit dab too... its lovely with a bit of chilli and garlic (from a grinder, get them in asda and such like) wrapped in foil with a little butter or marge and cooked in the oven for about ten min, dependent on the size. then eaten off the bone


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