Hayling island 20/05/10

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Hayling island 20/05/10

Post by cuckoo »

After promising steve (scottish and mental) a good venue to fish over low water, me and bassmanrob took him to a venue on hayling island :D


a good low water mark for bass and hopes of a smutt were in mind , arrived at 7pm with the intentions of fishing hayling over low and then off to a ray mark for the flood , as the tide ebbed we were able to hold bottom around the 9 pm mark , bites were thick and fast on worm baits with the schoolie population on a feeding frenzy #:-S ...................


not a lot of interest on the big crab baits out for the bigger bass they were just hoovering up the worm baits , i had 1 massive pull down on whole crab and like the keystone kops proceeded to strike , get the line caught under the rod rest and pull said rod rest and other rod over :D proper schoolboy error :-O , resulted in missed fish ! i think we all had good hits on crabs but all missed , as it was going good we decided to stay put and not move on risking the rising tides ferocious movement , we were wrong but however managed to stick it out untill 3 am when both rob and steve pulled in a string of weed containg about 21 -25 crabs each :D that was the end of that session , no time to move on me and rob headed home and steve went off to fish the quay :-X , biggest bass of the night came in around the 2 lb mark , not really worthy of a pic but i need to add a report with some pics lol .................


A great night in great company and it was great to meet up with steve , he really is scottish and a tad mental haha haha sorry it wasnt better steve but ill make it up to you when the hounds are in :D


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Post by robc22 »

Very nice report.......the pics are great!!! ;) :)

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Post by eccles »

WD Cuckoo, well at least the schoolies are operational again. When we have neap tides, I reckon it's better to fish that spot as the tide starts to rise. The weed doesn't usually get going until around 3 hours into the flood then it's best to go home rather than get wrecked.

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Post by stewarty »

Hi Cookoo

Nice pic's. It doesnt matter what size they are. Any fish is a good fish right now. I'll be goin back to north Ireland in six weeks for some bass fishing.

Tight lines all


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