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Noob fishing fun

Post by beyenyamin »

I don't know if anyone will find this interesting or useful, but i'm quite excited about it so here goes.

I have recently started fishing again for the first time since i was at school,
and tonight was my second ever time off the beach, my first time was a blank but tonight i caught two species i've never had before.

The first was a dab of around 10oz and the second a whiting about 14oz (as you may have gathered i'm quite a noob)

I caught them at Eastney beach on frozen black lug tipped off with squid (my first time with this bait, i like it) around 1 hour before high tide. Also had quite a few other bites but failed to land them.

I hope if there are any other noobs out there that you might get some use out of this, i for one feel pretty enthused as i've now racked up 8 species so far this year and am getting in some good practice before the season proper begins.

Tight lines peeps ;)


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Post by mickallton »

Hi Ben

Well done you sound well chuffed have to say your post made me smile thats how i feel everytime i go fishing and the good thing is it never wears off. Keep it up tight lines.


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Post by eccles »

Bit envious actually, especially over the dab. I went out last night in hopes of finding dab at Hayling but got zilch. Mind you, I don't think I stayed late enough - they usually start coming in around 2 hours before high water. Small hooks are required - no bigger than size 2. Perhaps I will have another go tonight as they are very tasty.

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