Fishing report 11/4/09 at Elmer, Bognor Regis

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Fishing report 11/4/09 at Elmer, Bognor Regis

Post by hooklineandsinker »

After looking at google earth and finding a awesome bit of coast line I headed to Elmer, Bognor Regis.
Doing a search on this forum for catch reports came up with nothing.
Once I got there I found out why ....
Private estates, No excess to the beach, No Parking, No Turning etc.
This theme applied to all the roads that I tried :((

Found a closed down Petrol station and parked my car on it's forcourt and decided to walk down to the beach to see what the beach was like.
First Impressions WOW!! :D
You have to see this place to believe it !!!
It had everything a angler could want within casting distance.
You could stand in one spot and choose what kind of beech you wanted to fish.
towards these massive rocks you have a shingle, to the left or right you have a sandy beach, it;s not hard to cast right next to the rocks for bass etc.
And the bays shelter the water from the fast flowing tide on the ebb.

Decided to get my gear and fished the tide running out, I think it was PompeyKev that said he fished here before and you have to run to catch the tide when it;s running out, found out how true that was.

Using Rag I pulled out 4 doggies and 1 small thorn back (Total time fishing was 4hrs) , I wasn't really interested in the fishing so much, this place is breathtaking
I was planning on staying the night but once it got dark it was too spooky for me (Well I was the only person there) LOL
Decided to pack my gear away and will return another day when the tides are better.

Anyway ... check it out sometime, you will see what I have been ranting on about.

P.S. I was told the locals climb onto the rocks at low tide and stay on them and fish high water and catch plenty of big bass, the only down fall is ... you are stuck there until low tide.

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Post by rabbi2 »

I would have had some concern over my car if its as quiet as you say it is. Good report. Cheers keith :D :D
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Post by simon2345 »

Nice Report m8.Sounds like a place to try ;)

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Post by minimech »

Blimey Pete, that seemed worth the effort!! nice report,
I can still pull the bass in from the back of 'POTLUCK, till tomoz when she goes, bo ho :( :(
At least it looks like the guys taking her over are as keen as me :D :D
Pete, :D :D

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Post by pompeykev »

Pete. Glad you avoided the blank! Been a lot of doggies and eels at night in the last few days - spring tides and warmer weather probably helped. I came down for a look on Sunday and the guy fishing there had also caught a dog, missed a good bass and had a number of eel bites - all on rag. You were fortunate to get a thornie - a very unusual catch from the beach, though a stingray wouldn't have been a surprise later in the year. I was also told that a 9lb bass came up over the weekend. Should have told you about the parking problems - the Cabin pub car park is a reasonable bet during the day (just along from the petrol station) - but there are plenty of access points to the beach on foot. My brother and some pals fished a comp there today so I'll find out what was caught and put up another post later. Cheers. Kev

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