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Withernsea report 25th/26th

Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 5:42 pm
by flattiefanatic
I know shocker right! A catch report from me after 6 years!!!!!!!!!

Went to Golden Sands holiday resort over the weekend, had an offer off the mother-in-law as we was offered a free chalet. Thanks to Royboy 2 years back as he give me a load of sea tackle and some rods, took some big pit carp reels with me and with shock leader put on i was ready to go......

If anyone knows withernsea i decided to head up the road and fish in front of the sewage farm. Tide was 17.45 and a 5.8m, weather was nice and warm and seas was calm. Bait was black lug and squid with a flapper close in and a pulley rig at distance. The night before 5 thornback rays had been landed up to 8lb and 6 cod to 10lb and whiting and dogfish putting in an appearance.

Plenty of anglers on the beach so decided to go down the cliff and fish in front of the crap pipe(didnt see it at the time but its big at low water and lucky i didnt lose gear). Only a quick session as we arrived 2 hours before high tide, all i had was a whiting for my trouble at a distance of 80 yards but loads blanked.


What a mistake to make, wind arrived and swung around from the South. Got to the venue and the waves was terrible. Got both rods out despite sand storms in my face, lasted all of 30 mins and i blanked. Was the only angler there but at least i tried.

Anyway will post more reports when im up there again but a lovely venue