anything North East Coast sea fishing related here
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Fished Hornsea beach (south side) nr caravan park. Infact it was same spot where i had mishap. Decided to try it again and well what a day. Only had 3/4lb fresh worms and 6 old squid.
Set up in almost same spot as mishap, sea was calmer, sky overcast ,bit breezy at times and cold. but thought what the hell, im here and having a go.
Total catch was 2 very small flatties, and 14 whiting. 8 of which are now in freezer. God knows how many more i missed. but was up and down out of chair , like a yoyo at times. even catching 2 at same time.
Sadly only snag was its caused angina to worsen now, as at times was gasping for breath, felt like chest was being crushed. weither its due to the cold or fact i had so much clothing on. or was putting to much effort into casting out and winding back in. i do'nt know.
So am calling it a day for now ,till i can get it sorted out. so this will be last report for time being.

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Take it easy mate, your health is more important than fishing. I myself am picking my days when I can fish in relative comfort.
keith :D :D

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i agree theres another 3 months left yet to catch cod on holderness coast, friend of mine has angina it gets worse in cold weather

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