Brid last night

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Brid last night

Post by Bignev »

Hi everyone,
got to brid at around 7 last night and had a couple of hours off the harbour wall,
i was supposed to go to Whitby but theres a long story why i didn't.....

I got 2 small dab's foul hooked both of them, not worthy of the frying pan
so back they went, Also got 2 weavers....... glad i had my torch, the first little
weaver nearly got me!!!!!


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Post by CoolCaster »

Well spotted Jamie.

Manics post "KNOW the lesser Weaver Fish" (6th from the top of the North East home page) is definately worth a look for anyone who is not sure what these little blighters look like.

Seems like Brid is one of their favourite haunts.

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