The best beach casting reel on the market

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The best beach casting reel on the market

Post by hotwinguk »

just a little input here. would all you guys / gals tell me what you think is the best beach casting reel on the market

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Post by mrix »

Well my pride and joy has been my pair of ABU Mag Elite`s, Quality Gear at around £90 each but these are multiplier reels, cant be too sure about fixed spool as I havnt used one in years but if I was going to buy one it would deffinately have anti line twist on it as line twist can be a big problem at times with fixed spool reels.

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Post by vespaman »

i use a 7000 c syncro and have for years and a millionare 2 for flatfish fishing. never liked fixed spools for heavy fishing. :D

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Post by Speciman »

Fixed spool - shimano aero technium XT which helped win UK fixed spool distance records. Too much money but solid piece of engineering.

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Post by flounder_al »

Fave i have is a 525 mag which deals with any situation i put it into. Especially good for rough ground.
For clean beaches i use a Abu 6500 C3.
Prefer the 525 mag though.
My 535 GS is also good but i use it only for light boat work and heavy rock fishing.

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which reel

Post by medlar »

I use an abu sports mag,casting distances is easyily controlled,but this type of reel is only good on clear ground,for heavy ground i use an abu 7000 not a good casting reel but copes with any situation on any ground

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Post by stumpynoneck »

my slosh 20 wont go no where with out it

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Post by geejay »

best.depends what type of fishing u do,

fixed spool, i use shimano aerlex 8000's but would like one like specci's

clean ground multi' i use 7ht but would upgrade to a mag elite,

rough ground / big fish (ha, ha) currently useing several cheap old nastys
but if i fished the rough stuff more i'd be tempted to go for a penn 535 or abu 7500 ct

Gee jayy.

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