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The other thing to remember Rabbi2 is its easier for people to say they will come if you can put a definative date and time down, people will be able to schedule it in, trust me though its not easy trying to organise these things. Having said that when it all comes together its a fantastic day out meeting like minded people and having a good old laugh with plenty to talk about online when its all over. Its well worth the effort!!!

The Orford bashes that we do tend to attract quite a few anglers from all locations.

Like Dunc has said look out for the Orford meet, those that may like to come but have to travel quite far can possibly arrange shared travel arrangements, costs etc. Even make a whole weekend out of it, Orford is the kind of place that you can fish the whole weekend it would be great to meet a few of the other lads from various locations that post on here. We could even arrange a friendly competition.

I think we are also planning a trip up to the lincs coast at some stage this year. The Orford wombles on tour!! :D

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Might know you'd get your tuppence in Bigbassman, jelousey will get you nowhere. LOL

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rabbi2 wrote:Might know you'd get your tuppence in Bigbassman, jelousey will get you nowhere. LOL
i can't do it to mine for 2 reasons

1 big fat gut in the way

2 head is to big :D :D

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Count me in, just need some notice to arrange for the stamp in my passport!!!

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Hi guys
I would love to come along and help but the logistics of me getting on a beach to clean it up is rather daunting and even then having looked at a map it is over 400 miles one way so as much as I would love to come along I am afraid I can't.
All the best

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