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Pleas feel free to talk anything sea Angling related in this forum

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New to forum

Post by golum »

YOu dont seem to have a "welcome" section..or at least i cant find it so I'll say HELLO here.....

used to drown maggots and worms as a sprogling....

Now I've retired I've decided to try my luck witha bit of sea angling and pond dibbling.....

prepare yourselves for daft questions........ :)

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Post by flattiefanatic »

Welcome to the forum ;) Ask anything you like, plenty of lads with good info on here.

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Post by rabbi2 »

No such thing as a daft question as we all have to learn but be prepared for some daft answers Lol. Welcome to the forums. The forum has been quiet of late but hopefully will soon pick up. Cheers
Keith :D :D

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Post by eccles »

Hi Mate, A few years ago I was in the same situation as you and started off by catching next to nothing. I got fed up with that and knowing that others were indeed catching quite regularly, decided to learn all I could. Fortunately the local tackle shop was quite informative (not all are as good) and I met up with another fella who took me under his wing so to speak. Within a couple of years I was catching fairly often and the rest is history except that I am still learning. It's a must by the way to get decent (but not too expensive) gear and some tackle shops will rip you off and give the wrong advice regretably so do check with some of us before going out to spend money. All the best.

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Post by royboy »

welcome to the forum just ask your questions

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Post by nthendpompey »

welcome to the forum.the welcomes come quicker then your question,so whats the question.and again welcome.

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