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Hey Roy, make sure you fix up your new PC with the free version of Avast and a firewall. Did that with this PC when I got it 5 years ago and hardly ever had any trouble.

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i got the computer from the company who supply the computers for my sons company and they have put every thing on it already but thanks for the advice
as for the mods posting i think you will see im one of the few members who posts pics of my fish and always posted my fishing reports and always will but with the problems ive had i was unable to post thats why i rang flattiefantic to let him know i will post pics and reports i hope all members do the same and i meam all members

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Just to clarify Roys post as mods we dont have to keep putting up posts our job is to moderate the site. Granted it would be nice for more members to put up reports with pictures, even if its a blank so we can see the venue. Moderators dont have to be fisherman to help run a site but we do our best to post advice when we can. Royboy is more active than most and look forward to his catch reports ;)

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