Why do you go Fishing?

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Why do you go Fishing?

Post by rabbi2 »

Some folk view fishing as a sport or as a chance to show others just how good they are or even to see just how many they can catch.

I myself view it as a pastime and a chance to chill out and meet old and new friends. I know it's classed as a sport but personally I don't see it that way. I think it's more of a chance to relax and leave the hussel and bussel of every day life behind.

Last night I was taking to an old mate who used to be a member on here, he goes fishing for days and weeks at a time just to break up the monotony of every day life.

When yo have finished fishing and on your way home, have you ever felt tired? I know I have but it's a satisfying kind of tiredness like I've been there , done it and enjoyed doing it.

What makes you go fishing?
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Post by eccles »

With me it's the excitement whenever something of a decent size or something unusual takes the bait. It has to be a challenge for me too, I mean working out the right tide and weather conditions combined with an interesting location to get some bites. I recall when I first started years ago and catching almost nothing for the first eighteen months which got me thinking that I need to learn as much as possible in order to get some success. Then I began to crack it. It still amazes me that some folk go to the beach time after time and rarely catch anything worthwhile which would not do for me. Of course I also like to catch something for dinner but just can't be bothered to go down in the summer just to catch dozens of mackerel.

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Post by Ilurvmatthayes »

Maybe like Rabbi it's more a spiritual thing than a catching thing- Judge ye not.

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Post by whitbydiver »

fished for over 30yrs now and for me its about meeting new people,the buzz of not knowing what is gonna nibble at the hook also it has to be the relaxation factor and escapism of it all when im near the water i aint got a care in the world and after all these years i still struggle to sleep the night before im going (sad or what lol) :) :) :) :) :)

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