Codling or cod?

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Codling or cod?

Post by flattiefanatic »

Just to get a few opinions needed. When does a codling become a cod? What size would you say?

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Post by whitbydiver »

if i remember anything under 5lb is a codling and over is a cod but i bet some people disagree lol.
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Post by stillsy »

as far as I know 5lb is the weight at which codling become cod. But having never caught either when I finally do it will be a cod no matter what size it is :D

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Post by dabhand »

same as...... i have always known it to be anything under 5lb is a codling and over 5lb is a cod
does that mean though that a big rockling is just called a rock! lol

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Post by dave_fareham »

Yes as above i always go 5lb.
I think thats the general weight.
Wouldnt mind knowing the facts though if you do find out for sure.


Post by cuckoo »

10 lb and over is classed as a cod :D :D

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Post by royboy »

this is a hard one to answer as ive had cod under 5lb thats
had wroes in it so ifs its old enough to spawn
then it as a right to be called a cod only my thoughts

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Post by colinthefish »

I'd settle for a cod or codling at the moment - just want to catch something other than Whiting this winter!!!

I always thought the threshold was 5lb.

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