A fond farewell.

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A fond farewell.

Post by manic_muppet »

Hi, I have been doing a lot of thinking over the past few weeks, Its occured to me that some things are not what i hoped they would be. So in order to avoid anymore upsets/arguments/or falling out, ive decided to change my life accordingly. If i am to have any chance of making it through this winter i need to stay positive, so the first thing i am going to do is bid a fond farewell to everyone. Ive had some good times and met some great people, but ive also had some disappointments, my blog being a great source for that, so its time to move on and do something else. Good luck to everyone, and take care when out fishing on these dark nights. Well thats it more or less, and to put anyones mind at rest, this is one post i dont mind getting no replies to. :D Cheers...Mick


Post by dontcatchmuch »

cheereo mick you do what you thinks best for you


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Post by tomcat »

Take care, look after yourself bud.
Remember, it's not the years you get out of life that matters. It's the life you put into your years.

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Post by eccles »

Bye MM and bon chance, it probably won't help now but I decided a number of years ago to totally ignore loonies and pompous twits. Once you have really made up your mind to do this, it's quite surprising how much calmer you feel.


Post by pendulampete »

Tara Muppet


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Post by smallfry »

Sorry to see you go mick your advice and posts have been a great help. It was a pleasure to meet you and your family at the charity match at spurn.
Take care and all the best ian.

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Post by flattiefanatic »

Sad news indeed. All the time i have been on here you have always done a great job as a mod and always been there for people in need. :(

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Post by Gizz »

Hi Mick, I for one will be sorry to see you go but if you think its best for Mick then do whats best for Mick and so be it mate, you have give not only myself but many others a lot of help over the years on here and i hold my hand up to be counted.
I hope you have many more happy fishing days in the future mate, you will be missed.

Best regards



Post by joliroger »

You will be missed big time,Iwill always remember that it was you who stuck up for me when I was Banned from the Forum awhile back.........thanks ;) , I suppose it is the end of an era so to speak.

best wishes, thinking of you.....JOLI

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Post by hatter »

Firstly mick i would like to say one big thankyou to you for all the good days out i have had with you and conner. You invited me to meet up when i first joined this forum and that was very kind of you since then you have introduced me to many more good people including the BAD jocke telling ROYBOY. Anyway just like to say once again a big THANKYOU .

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Post by whitbydiver »

what can i say that the other guys havnt take care mate,and live it to the full you r a true inspiration for all of us who whinge about the little things in life.
p.s if you want online company though try creating a facebook account for yourself as u get a lot more people on that social network than any other and there is some pretty interesting stuff on there to help pass the dark nights.

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Post by jacko69 »

its a shame you have decided to take this action mick but do what you must and enjoy life to the full and remember you've got my number so stay intouch


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Post by colinthefish »

We have only spoken on here a few times. All good I add. I wish you all the best.
Take Care.

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