Just had a great idea.

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Just had a great idea.

Post by manic_muppet »

Hi, Ive just had an idea for a release mechanism, normally we clip hooks down, but sometimes this isnt possible with some rigs. Ive just thought of a way to clip the hook up the line, its simple, easy to make, no complicated mechanisms so should be cheap enough, streamlined, and effective. But!!!, how can i get the idea to someone who could make a prototype etc, or even buy the idea without my getting ripped off. Does anyone know the best way to go about this, :D

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Post by flattiefanatic »

There have been many ways in the past to clip rigs up. To get something original that will capture the market will be a hard thing indeed ;)

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Post by Iknowagoodplaice »

First thing would be to apply for a patent I would think, which can work out quite expensive. Have a look at www.ipo.gov.uk, and www.is4profit.com for enterprise advice.

Probably the "easiest" route if it's a really novel invention is to patent it first, then sell it to a tackle manufacturer. Even if it isn't that novel (look at things like relay clips) there could still be a market. Needs luck and perseverance I imagine.

Otherwise you can share it with us and we can mutter things like, I've always used milk bottle tops for my clips and I'm not changing now ... :)

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