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New member-East Anglia

Post by Jess_Tickulate »

Just a note to introduce myself and to say thanks for all the information given on here.

I'm new to beachcasting and I've just bought a budget outfit to get me going.
I doubt that I shall get to the coast too often but the reality is that I've often fancied having a go.
It might seem strange to say but I'm not too bothered if I catch anything or not. I've recently semi-retired and I now do writing. It occurred to me that I could pop up to Salthouse, sling, sorry, cast, a couple of lines into the Ogin and sit doing my writing while I wait for a bite. If I catch my tea then it would be a bonus.

Reading all the info on this forum gave me a good idea about the kit I would need i.e. shockleaders and breakaway rigs etc.

I'm a regular hunter/gatherer so if I do get into it then I'll see about getting some serious kit.

If you see an incredibly handsome geezer sat tapping away at a keyboard then feel free to come and have a chat. :D

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Post by Del-Boy »

welcome to the forum,

i'm the same, don't go as out as often as i should because of work and stuff, but enjoy it when i do. When its "my time".

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Post by rabbi2 »

A warm welcome to the forums mate. Glad to see that you havn't jumped in with all guns blazing ie spending a fortune on kit. I hope you will find any help you are looking for on here. Don't forget to ask for a specific area that you intend to fish as the lads on here are only to willing to give advice.

keith :D :D

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Post by conga »

Welcome to the forum JT,

I'm sure you'll get all the help you need as the guys on here are a real mine of info,

Good luck with catching your tea!!

Tight lines,Mick :D :D :D

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