Saturday 19th March

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Saturday 19th March

Post by Adante »

Hi folks,

This Saturday boasts the strongest full moon in around 20 years, plus a nice 'high' high tide...

Could this be an awesome evenings fishing or not ? :D


Post by dontcatchmuch »

hi adam
only ie someone tells the fish about it, i should think as theres not been a lot being cought anywhere at the moment .but who knows stranger things have happened

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Post by edwards73 »

this is a good bit of information for you

!!!!When during a year can we expect to find the largest tides?

A day or two after the full or new moon nearest to the equinoxes. The spring equinox is usually the 21st March, and the autumn equinox, the 23rd September.

so if you want a big tide go for these days depending on the weather


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