How did you get started fishing?

Pleas feel free to talk anything sea Angling related in this forum

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How did you get started fishing?

Post by smallfry »

Hi all just sat here browsing the forum when this thought hit me
How did you all get into this adictive sport? I live in the middle of the
country I haven't been fishing since new years day due to commitments
I've got an itch only being on a beach with a line in the water watching the rod tip can only cure. I got the bug from a mate who fancied trying it after watching a guy on Whitby harbour wall. But what about the rest of you in the fishing mad house how did you start? Was it a mate a family member or just something do?


Post by cuckoo »

I used to go with my dad from the age of 6 , he gave up a year after , but had to take me as i loved it ;) now at the age of 40 i have more passion for the sport than ever :D :D

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Post by rotherrabbit »

hiya, it was my grandad that first got me into going fishing. During the six week school holidays me and my sister used to go and stay with our grand parents. they would then go and take us on days outing at the local reservoir.Then they would take us to Whitby for a long weekend holiday where i would spend all the three days either fishing in the harbor or from the end of the pier. But it wasn't until three years ago that i got a lot more into sea fishing after watching the fishing programs made by Henry gilbey, wild fishing and fishing on the edge. now have been well and truly bitten by the sea fishing bug.


Post by dontcatchmuch »

not really sure how i got into fishing ,but can remember going freshwater fishing since i was about 5 with my uncle a couple of times then at about
10 started going on my own .
only got into sea fishing about 2 years ago after a lay of of about 6 to 7 years due to an accient i had that left me disabled .ive got a caravan on the kent side of the thames estuary and thought one day its water what the heck and i love it ,just wish i started a lot sooner with the sea fishing

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Post by browners »

i was 7 . went to a mates birthday party that was at woodmill on the lower itchen , caught a dace , that was the only fish of the day . spent the next couple of years going when ever i could , then my old man joined southampton sea angling club , so fished alot on southampton docks , till i was a teenager . then i got caught up in freshwater matchfishing , was fun . but could not really get into it . so went back to sea fishing . started fishing club matches . then got caught up in the open and league matches , big time . loved it . was fishing 5-6 nights a week in a match somewhere , i would like to think i did well at it . worked at a tackle shop in woolston called daves tackle . till they shut . marraige one over as a result of fishing around the clock . then i soon got caught up in the carp fishing world . no rushing around , just nice relaxing . then the carp scene started to take off big time and if im honest it got stupid , having to get to a lake mid week just to get a swim for the week end . so went back to sea fishing . 18 months ago . but promised current wife i wont fish matches and do it just for pleasure . 43 now , but have clocked up a fare few miles over the years and had some stunning fish both fresh and sea . but my pation has always been sea fishing

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Post by bassmanrob »

My Dad got me into it, he used to fish a lot and started to take me flatty bashing when I was 5. I also got into course fishing when I was 12 as a few friends did it and when I wasn't sea fishing I was fishing the local lakes and ponds.

Got to 17 and girls, clubs, partying and playing football got in the way of fishing and I didn't start going again until a couple of years ago now I'm old, settled down and boring! Only sea fishing these days though, don't have time for both.

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Post by Yakdiver »

My dad fished and I just follow suit got into sea fishing beach and boat more when I started work (had some money to spend) later I swapped over to course fishing mainly pike and carp, packed up that and went over to kayaking fishing and two years ago bought beaching gear again I still enjoy being out all night starring up at the stars, well it's no good looking at the rod tips as there ain't no fish out there :((

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Post by rabbi2 »

Handlining off Blackpool Pier back in 1958 when fish were abundant and you could catch just as many as those other guys using rods.

As a matter of interest can anyone remember those days?

My first boat trip was with Noah By the way. lol :D :D >:) >:) >:)
keith :D :D

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Post by kevmann »

My dad used to take me. We lived in Holt, and he used to cycle to Kelling and Weybourne with me in a kiddies seat on his crossbar. Kept fishing ever since. Not as regular as I would have liked.
There's something about sitting on the beach waiting for the tip to move.

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Post by gynewguy »

Started off pond chucking around the age of 12 at the local ponds. Did that for a few years and got into carp angling around 16. Always fancied sea angling and after a load of trips to Saltfleet Haven (Lincs) I took my carp rods to Bridlington pier (aged 20ish) and was hooked. Bought some proper gear and packed in at around 22. Restarted last year after almost 20 years and loving it!



Post by beefy »

i started on my local canal (sadly filled in now) with a worm tied to a bit of cotton catching sticklebacks, then moved up to a handline at bogner beach, caught an eel about 13 ins, threw a tantrum when my dad gave it away to another angler. that give me the bug, iv'e moved up a bit on tackle since then, wont say how much it cost as wife reads this forum >:) >:) . but no matter what the weather you cant beat sitting on the beach dangling your worm in the water =)) =)) :-O weather you on your own or with a bunch of great fella's its a great sport. even though i'm partly disabled now i still get out, and still get that same thrill when the rod tip nods and you hit in to a fish. when i finaly die i hope its with my wife on one hand a rod in the other, i will be a happy man.

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How did you get started fishing?

Post by UglyStik360 »

I started in the Kennet and Avon canal around Reading, and moved to Cromarty in Ross-shire and fished off the pier with 12ft beachcaster and missed so many bites, I came up with my very basic rig and I caught a lot more fish. Leonard

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Post by flattiefanatic »

Started at the age of 5. Remember when we used to just tie a weight and hook to your line and just flick it out :)) . Budds farm was my favorite venue and used to bait dig and fish for flounders and bass. Then Langstone bridge was a good venue. Anyone witness the flounders or bass being whinched up the bridge to flap and drop off at the top :)) . Been on and off since then. Even went to puddle chucking for a bit. But always came back to sea fishing despite fishing getting worse each year for certain species :((

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Post by geordiesandman »

some of my school mates were into fishing a 'few' years ago. i never got into it then, although i was drawn by the tackle shops, just loved the look of the reels from a mechanical point of view(i studied as an industrial/product designer) as i grew older i always fancied giving it a go. Admittedly i saw it through rose tinted glassed, thinking sea angling was all about standing on a pier in the hot sun with just my shorts and some factor 10. Around 2 year ago, after beating alcoholism, i was looking for something to occupy my spare time and keep me out of trouble. i brought it up with a mate who used to be part of the 'macky bashers' and after milking him for some information to get me started, and eventually persuading him to get back into it. i started. got hooked, and now a few pounds down (to say the least) i am addicted, even though i rarely catch

Incidentally i love standing in the cold, wrapped up warm as much as summer fishing now... just get a bit peeved when its windy


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