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Thanks for the info RW.The Mitchell Match was really intended for float/light ledger work and I always found the reel a joy to cast with,though the line did occasionaly find its way behind the spool.The later models I think were called the 440 and were a lighter blue,mine is an early dark blue one and is good as new after years of service,a reel classic you might say !! >:) >:) >:)

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The Mitchel Match is a sweet reel but doesn,t like having the wind on its face, thats when you need the old Abu 500 series closed face reels.
I also still have and use a pair of Cardinal 4X reels, the Tan and Brown ones, still good for big tench and 14lb carp even now when used with a Hardy Fred Taylor trotter rod.

Anyway back to the OP,s question, have a look at the Abu Saltwater FS reels, Iknow a couple of lads who use them and are very happy with them, also look at the Penn surfmaster 750, i know a lot of people slag them off but I,ve a pair that have been treated badly by me for 12months without a problem and are now being thoroughly abused by my mate in Devon and are still sound as a pound 18months after he origonally barrowed them. Infact he,s fishing at Ilfracombe now, catching cod and whiting, the lucky git.

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