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I would imagine that the Manufactures recommed not to be 'used in any enclosed space'for 2 reasons, one is in an enclosed space it can use up all the Oxygen and ultimatley suffocate you, in an open fronted 'Bivi' you would have a good exchange of air ie ventilation and this factor would not opperate.However, don't ever get complacent and obstruct the opening, the other reason would be a fire hazzard!!!!!!!!,..................... if the lamp is right inside the bivi this would defeat the object of having it in the first place.......................so NO illumination on your Tri-pod , on that basis keep it near the OPEN doorway giving you a degree of warmth, light and hopefully no chance of suffication,or trapping you in a fire hazzard.

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Think I shall get myself one of those LED lamps for the bivvy and keep the North star lamp for the tripod then.Cheers for the info chaps :)


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on the safty aspect of things i have seen 1 open type shelter / bivvy go up in flames an old type parafin tilly feel over lucky no one was in it .i also know of an enclosed type that burst into flames that had two people in it this one was one of the petrol type fuel ones .it had been left in the bivvy for a couple of hours not alight i must say but when they went to light it boom up it went .the fumes from the petrol had built up in the bivvy .the two blokes were long time fishermen and not stupid people .but we can all get a bit complacesent at times so please take care .one of the blokes actualy cought alight and was only saved from bad burns by the other one pushing him into the lake to put him out

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