has anyone fished lulworth cove?

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has anyone fished lulworth cove?

Post by petersclan »

just a quick question...... has anyone tried to fish lulworth cove and if so was it worth the while...........

was wondering wether worth a try, recon would only catch wrasse but may be suprised

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Lulworth Cove

Post by MadKev »

Yes mate, many a time.

Fishing the cove itself ain't too clever, you're about right on the wrasse issue. Time the tides and weather right, you'll get people safely onto the west rocks at the mouth of the cove, spinning, float or bottom-fishing. If you're up for a hike, then you've parked in paradise: anywhere safe to stand two miles west or east is good fishing, plenty of double-figure conger seen here at night,pout to 1.5lb for bait, etc. Don't go alone, four is more fun than two, watch the flags on the live firing range and read the notices. If you rope down to the narrow ledge halfway up the cliff-face immediately east of the cove entrance, some damn fool thinks it's fun to send for the coastguard helicopter so you'll have to learn the international hand signal for 'No thank-you, I'm fine and don't need rescuing', which is self-explanatory really. If you've got the self-discipline not to take a rod, a good day's recce on foot will set you up with marks for years. MK

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