Help joining Braid to Shock Leader

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Help joining Braid to Shock Leader

Post by pappabank »

Hi Folks ,Excuse my ignorance but can someone point me in the right direction for the best knot to join Braid onto shock leader please (This is probably an old point but bear with me because I'm new to this :-S .rgds pappabank

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Post by manic_muppet »

Hi PB, what breaking strain is your braid, if its 50lb + you wont need a shockleader. Cheers..Mick

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Post by rabbi2 »

Some folk do use shock leader with braid but you must remember that braid can cut through mono like a knife through butter. I myself would advise against it.There are several reasons for using braid first due to it being thinner than mono of the same breaking strain it hasn't as much resistance against the tide, therefore you can use lighter weights, second it has very little stretch and so it puts you in direct contact with your quarry and by using shock leader you are defeating the purpose for which you presumably bought it for.

It must be remembered to use the old and trusted formula of 10lb of line to every oz of weight that you are using ..... 6oz weight 60lb line.

The last point I would like to make it to avoid using it on a muliplier unlees its a boat reel, on a fixed spool it will be fine.
keith :D :D

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Post by stingraysteve »

An albright knot should do, or some use a double grinner knot

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Post by redmouse »

the allbright knot is dodgy for braid to mono leaders, too much heat from the braid and it will damage the mono(so im told anyway)

i find this one easy enough to follow and tie ... knot.shtml

i used 20lb braid straight thru a few times and didnt like it. the slightest movement from the waves made to rod tip bounce so i put on a leader, gave it a few feet more than usual and it was much better. the mono had a litttle stretch in it which gave the tip a more user friendly bounce to it.

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Post by buggaluggs »

Hi the uni-knot is the one recomended by the braid makers. So I guess thats the one to use!!!

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Post by robc22 »

I like the uni to uni......don't forget a few xtra turns with the braid and a dab of zap a gap on the knot wouldn't hurt.

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Post by andy1_i »

i have in the past used the allbright knot for braid 30lb to mono 60lb and never had a problem with it,but then again that could just be me,not sure on the braid make but the mono was suffix zippy.well thats only my experience.


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