How to set up a basic feather rig?

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How to set up a basic feather rig?

Post by Johnn »

Hi There, I always use to go float fishing, but would like to try feathering, is there anywhere that shows a diagram of the rig?
Also is it possible to tow the feathers behind a boat?

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Post by rabbi2 »

Trolling feathers behind a boat can be quite productive, and the movement induces the fish to attack

The basic setup is three to five hooks above the weight
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Post by Clarissa »

I can understand the question, but am often puzzled by the nature of some ....

but I have seen feathers attached as flowing traces and cast out like leger gear and left static.

I've seen feathers trolled along the surface at 11knots a la Marlin and 6/0 Hokkais bieng worked for mackerel off piers.

If we are talking mackerel here, get some decent (probably not Asian produced) size 1 or 2 stainless hook lures (4 is enough; 3 is legal in most competitions) and attach a 3 - 5 oz lead to the lead clip (there SHOULD be one) and a split ring/strong swivel at the top.

Chances are you will get a completely unsuitable string of 5 - 8 lures with a rough loop top and bottom!!!

For casting from the beach, your so-called feathers should be min. 40lbs trace strength for casting with a 4oz lead (very few are safe to cast with).

From a boat, you set them up similarly with lead at the bottom of the string and mainline attached to the top.

You can troll them from boats with heavy gear and leads up to a pound or two at 2 - 4 knots; anything more than this eg. heading towards a mark, then get a planing board which will keep your feathers at 6 - 20 feet and trip to bring fish to the surface when they 'hit'.

Any cynicism in this post is purely intentional!


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