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Free Downloads Page added

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Hi all, I have added a Free downloads page to this site which can be found by going to the main menue then under Resources click on Free Downloads link, This page really is for members to add there favourite free downloads of the net, I have added about 5 that I use. ie one is Ad-Aware which is a spyware remover software, if you dont know what that is well a lot of websites you visit on the web add lots of spyware, which can be tracking cookies which tell them what sites you are visiting, more page pop ups than usual or maybe something even worse like a trogen horse. Also what you will find by deleting these spyware is that it will speed up your PC. One of my friends done a scan and had 500 spyware :cry: I get about 20 a week just imagine if you have never done a spyware scan before :wink:
anyway if you have a little gem of a download why not add it.

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