Beach Casting Braid Or Mono

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Beach Casting Braid Or Mono

Post by Tiny1000 » Mon Jan 31, 2005 9:13 am

Hello i'm new to this site and quite new to beachcasting with about 20 fishing trips under my belt. My dilemma is should I stay with mono (which i've always used, sea, river - lake) or should I switch to braid. I like the idea of better bite detection with braid also the greater casting distance, but worry about using different knonts - hook pulls and overruns. I'm using a 13ft Daiwa Vulcan X rod with a 525 Mag reel - Cheers :?:

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Post by mrix » Mon Jan 31, 2005 1:28 pm

Hello Tiny welcome to the site, I tried using braid a few years ago I know braid has improved somewhat since then, at the time I had a big problem with braid I found long range casting was a pain because once you overan the spool that was it loads of line damaged in fact I must of overun 3 times and then it was time for new braid and at the time it was expensive. Also I found with braid it tends to show too much movement on the rod tip in certain conditions etc. I think braid is best for short to medium range fishing myself but mind you I would like to try out some of the latest braided lines, I may even change my mind about it.

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Post by Bulford » Mon Jan 31, 2005 9:03 pm

hi just wanted to say you are right about getting in tangles with the braid and it is a nightmare when tangled but there a coulple of other ways to use it from the shore depending where you fish and what species of fish you are targeting.

For example with a light freshwater rod and targeting mullet, i use a light braid on a small fixed spool and because there is no stretch the bite reconition is greatly improved i also find i get more self hooking mullet with this meathod before i have time to strike.
another way i have seen it used is 60lb braid loaded on to a large fixed spool at the entrance of portsmouth harbour. it can get quite tackle hungry even when i have fished with rotton bottoms ans softer hooks i've still managed to run out of line on my multiplier reels, i saw another angler who was fishing just up from me, he did not seem to be haveing much trouble because his main line was so strong ( i.e. 60ld braid) he was able to pull out of snags and was only looseing the odd weight or 2, he was also getting a good distance cast out into the middle.(and more fish than me)
so this summer i will be doing the same as him.
Another this to bear in mind mate as you are new to the beach casting hitting the horizon does not always get the best results, most of my best fish have come from a few yards out ........... tight lines.

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Post by Tiny1000 » Mon Jan 31, 2005 10:11 pm

Thanks for the help - I think the best thing to do is stick with the mono and raise this topic again in a year's time when i've had a bit more experience with the 525 Mag. Hopefully braid may have improved by then, and there will be a few more beachcaster's using it - Many Thanks :P

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Post by geejay » Thu Feb 03, 2005 9:51 am

i've used braid from the beach on and off for quite some time in certain conditions. light fixed spool tackle is probably the easiest but at the moment i've braid loaded on to my aerlex 8000 ( 28lb)
my original idea was less diameter = more distance but also found that the thinner line assists holding bottom in areas of strong lateral tides
and that it will often'cheese wire' through the odd clump of weed.
drawbacks are ;- god awfull tangles if useing the fine stuff on multi's
the braid i use is prone to line twist on the f/s
no line stretch , heavy surf breaking over your main line will pullout breackaway type leads,
strike technique needs to be altered , vicious strikes will break the leader knott and/or pull hooks from fish. a short lenth of mono between braid and leader helps with this and the line twist.
braid is out of favor with me at the moment but i like the idea of 60LB straight trhrough.

Gee jayy.

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Post by showjumper » Fri Feb 04, 2005 6:03 pm


whats braid?? :?


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Post by geejay » Sat Feb 05, 2005 11:26 pm

Braid ;- line produced by braiding together multiple strands as opposed to monofilament,
the first one that i remember was trylene which was nice and limp but expensive , had a very large diameter per lb breaking strain.
it didn't catch on.

the modern stuff however is damn site better with higher breaking strain than mono of equal diameter , virtually no stretch but still damn expensive.




Post by idpearl » Wed Mar 23, 2005 11:44 am

I've been using Berkley Whiplash 65lb on my Daiwa SL20SH paired with a Shakespear Typhoon Beach, Power Pro 65lb on my Penn 525 paired with a MagAbu Suveran Sport Beach and also with an Abu Sports Mag paired with my new Daiwa 130XM. I've had no problems with the Whiplash at all and getting reasonable distances, but I do find I have to be a bit more careful with the Power Pro. The whiplash seems to come off smoother with less fluffing, but then again the SL20SH is a bit of a slower reel even though I have taken out the brake blocks and oiled the bearings with Red Rocket Fuel as I do on all my reels.

The 65lb Whiplash is the same diameter as 14lb mono and is fantastic for bite detection. You don't have to stike hard into the fish as it's a more direct connection with no stretch. The fight is fantastic as you feel every head shake and turn of the fish. I'm looking at buying 33lb whiplash now which is the same diameter as 8lb mono and should cast even further. At least with the 525 mag or sports mag, you can apply more braking until you are comfortable with how the braid handles.

You can pick up the braid for about £14 for 300 meters at the moment. I know that sounds expensive, but there is a world of difference between braid and mono.

If you're fishing the rough stuff, as I do, use a long shockleader - 20ft to 25ft should do it. I always use pulley rigs and you can even feel the lead lift on the braid!

I know now, I will not go back to mono!!

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Post by daveyb » Thu May 12, 2005 10:29 pm

I'm just starting back into sea angling after a break of nearly 30 years (OK I know it's a long time but after spending most of my early life on the Yorkshire coast and now having moved down to Somerset - the intervening years were in Staffordshire and I'd defy anyone to cast into the surf from there), I was looking at the lines that were available today and was a little surprised not to see dacron still on offer. Before I packed up, I used dacron for both beach and boat fishing and rarely had any problems. The diameter was greater than monofil but I never had a problem with birds nests (using a multiplyer) and bite detection was fantastic.

Saying that, I've just loaded everything up with monofil, now I'm back into it and will wait and see but my instincts tell me that I'll probably be trying braid sooner rather than later.

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Post by madfisher » Fri May 13, 2005 12:41 am

Just my opinion but....

Braid is fantastic but does have its limitations as it has been pointed out trying to undo/unpick over runs or tangles can be an expensive nightmare :(

I use braid for boat fishing and for chucking lures as i love the increased casting (from the thinner diameter) and bite sensitivity. Fireline (especially the new XDS) is my choice of brand.

My general rule is braid for boat or shore based with fixed spool reels and mono for the beach multipliers.

If you are new to fishing i would stick to mono to start with as it is much more user friendly.

Hope this helps. :D

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