Norway for two weeks in October 2019

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Norway for two weeks in October 2019

Post by Fisher69 » Wed Feb 13, 2019 9:41 pm

Norway in October for two weeks instead of leaving it until last minute to get a few guy's to go i'm putting this out early this year.I'm flying from Aberdeen but you could fly from any airport of your choice and then we could meet up in Trondheim.Included in the price is a appartment/boat/and transfers there are plenty of shore marks very near the camp if you fancy doing some shore fishing as well.
If there is anymore than four want to go we can get a second boat and another cabin.
We pick October as the price of the camp comes down with their winter offer plus the haddock fishing is good in October so last year we done very well with the haddock and we had quite a few double figure cod nothing huge but great sport on light tackle this year I want to try and target some of the marks we were shown last year for the halibut but didn't target them last year. I know there are not so many halibut as there are further north but they are there .
I have a coldbox I take with me as a extra bag full of food on the way out and then fill it with fillets on the way back and of course have plenty of fish meals that we catch out there.
Just remember this trip is for two weeks and the price is £600 per person the dates are the 2nd of October to the 16th all you need other than this is a flight and they are coming in for me flying from Aberdeen is around £200.
Just give me a shout if anyone would like to go.
And if you require any drink get it on the way out in duty free also if anyone wants a copy of the invoice for the booking just ask. ... refishing/

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