Shimano Nexave Surf 130 Mutiplier 130F yourcoment please

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Shimano Nexave Surf 130 Mutiplier 130F yourcoment please

Post by shinheeyi » Fri Feb 16, 2007 3:45 pm

hello have any one use this Rod

I just have ordered one from Tackle shop UK. :?:
If you have own this Rod Please tell me your experience with this

I live in Australia.

The Shimano brief for these Surf rods was simple, design a range of surf rods to suit all conditions and casting techniques.
The result is a versatile, traditional beach rod available in both multiplier and fixed spool 13ft versions that will easily cast weights ranging from 4-8oz.
The rods are built on ultra slim blanks that reduce wind resistance and offer outstanding casting capabilities.
You won't be disappointed with the Nexave Surf - it's up for anything!
The multiplier version is supplied with Shimano's new sliding reel seat.

I wanted to order Esprite but the shipping at harrisspor
was too expensive. I think Tackle shop UK have cheapest shipping :?:

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