New Fisherman

Please feel free to introduce yourself here if you want to.
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New Fisherman

Post by Rockyboy »

Hi everyone, I'm just starting up fishing again, many years after being out of the loop. I live in Berkshire so looking to fish along the south coast, east or west. If there are any like minded fisherman out there who would like to come along. I'm in no way a professional, just a standard throw it out there and hope! I drive so would be happy to pick anyone up along the way. I'm also semi retired, so can do weekdays too. So if you fancy a few trips out please get in contact.

Kind Regards Tony.

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Re: New Fisherman

Post by L05tB0y »

Hi im new here, getting back into beach fishing after about 25 years or more :(.
Ive got most of the gear, just bought a new Sonik zx 225G. Ive got some reels but im after a better one, Ive heard the Penn Battle 8000 is quite good. Is their any other reels about could be used.
Thanks Dave

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