Erm .... am I on now?

Please feel free to introduce yourself here if you want to.
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Erm .... am I on now?

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Erm ... do I speak now? Yes? Right ......

Ahem ... right, the only reason I put MadKev was because those S. Coast anglers who know me wouldn't recognise my given name. It don't mean nothing, and nothing I ever did seemed mad to me, more the silken whisper of my logic blade cutting through the crumpled knots of beaurocracy and obstacle. I agree, in retrospect, some incidents may not have attracted approval by current standards, yet the pint of 14% wine after the chainsaw went through my calf was pretty bloody logical, actually, but then trying to ride me motorbike to the hospital was not.

Boats: ISAC / IBAC league, works events and any other comp trips I can get on. Shore: roam from Bridport to Pevensey, few comps nationwide and Ireland, less competitive now, fewer fish too.
All my personal bests are when I've taken mates and taught them to catch a fish - their expression was another PB for me.


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Greetings. You seem like our kind of nutter!! :lol: :lol:

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