help with tackle problem

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help with tackle problem

Post by northerngills » Sun May 16, 2010 1:16 pm

;;) Hello fellow fishermen. I am new on here so please be understanding so i thank you in advance I am looking for some advice re a problem that is driving me round the bend can anyone help problem as follows
I am using a magalite reel and a century fishing rod I set up the tackle and prepare to fish bait presentaion if fine rig is fine i am using red ice line and also got 80lb leader sounds ok tilll i cast out and im getting mighty frustrated at watching the whole set up fly out to sea ive checked the eyes on the rod there fine ive fitted new line and leader but for some reason it keeps cracking off and breaking leaving me with about 5inches of leader still attached to the mainline ive checked the reel and there seems to be nothing to cause it to break Now then Ive also used an abbu rod and fixed reel and its happen on this to is there anyone who can offer a reason for this I went to sandwich bay at the back of the golf course on Friday night and it happened twice however to report on the fishing there is was a nice evening caught a dogfish a small pouting and a whiting other anglers around me caught pretty much the same looking forward to one of you fellow beach fishermen being able to solve the problem

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Post by jim79 » Sun May 16, 2010 2:04 pm

make sure you are using enough leader ( you say you are being left with a few inches of leader so it doesnt sound like youre Knot ) i tend to use twice the length of the rod and atleast half a dozen turns on the reel.

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Post by Judgegeoff » Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:01 pm

Hi Northerngills,

Is it possible that your shock leader line is old or a faulty batch? Did the Abu rod and fixed spool reel that you also tried have a shock leader from the same batch? The only other thing that I can think of is that, as Jim79 suggests, you could need more length of shock leader line. Also, re-check your rod rings to make sure that they are not damaging the line. Or perhaps you should just cut down on the spinach LOL !!!
Cheers, Geoff

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Post by eccles » Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:11 pm

There is some rubbishy shockleader line about at present. I actually got conned into buying some earlier this year (sounded a bit cheap to me but the tackle shop didn't have my usual stuff.) Anyway, once I realised that I had been sold a pup, I went back to my usual which is of course - Greased Weasel.

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Post by Iknowagoodplaice » Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:27 pm

Are you using tapered leader? If so the problem might be

1. Leader is no good, as eccles says

2. Not enough of the thick stuff wound on to reel - which would explain a few inches still attached.

3. Something damaging the leader

Other possibilities:

4. Fierce and snatchy casting

5. Huge lead (over 8oz)

6. Line jamming during cast (a loop in rings; catching round part of reel ..)

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Post by redmouse » Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:44 pm

sounds like a dodgy spool of shockleader. what are you using at the moment? greased weasel probably isnt the cheapest but its not exactly expensive either and you wont hear of too many complaints from people that use it.

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