How to catch smoothhounds
How to catch smoothhound





Starry Smoothhound - A member of the shark family with a pointed head, oval eyes, and 5 gills. The skin colour is grey on its back going down to a white belly. It is distinguishable from the Common Smooth hound as it is covered by lots of small white spots. Sandy gravel bottoms are its main habitat where it can find crustaceans to eat. Baits: Peeler Crab or Hermit Crab are the best baits for Starry Smoothhounds.

Smoothhound, Starry (Mustelas Asterias)
Boat Caught 28-00-00 Maplin Sands R Grady 1980
Shore Caurght 23-02-00 Bradwell on Sea, Essex D Carpenter 1972

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starry smoothhound
Baits for Smoothhounds