Hermit CrabHermit Crab lives in discarded periwinkle / whelks and other sea shells....more info here - Hermit Crab Bait



ragwormRagworm - There are several varieties of this worm ....more info here - Ragworm Bait



Sea Fishing Baits - lugworm pictures of Lugworm PictureLugworm - Can be found in large numbers in mud or sand There are two main species...more info here - Lugworm Bait

Sea Angling Baits Peeler Crab Picture Pictures of Peeler Crab PicturePeeler Crab - It gets its name from the fact that it sheds its skin at several stages throughout its life... more info here - Peeler Crab Bait





Mackerel The most important of all sea Fishing baits... more info here - Mackerel Bait


Squid baitSquid - It can be used whole for larger species Cod / Bass etc... more info here - Squid Bait



sand eel baitSandeels - Live sandeel is a great bait for bass...more info here - Sand Eel Bait

black lugworm baitBlack Lug - live right at the low water line of big spring tides... more infor here - Black Lugworm

Razor fish bait Razor fish live in a burrow in the sand which can be up to 3 foot deep in depth..more info here - Razor Fish Bait

Sea Fishing Baits