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The garfish is a long and almost eel like in appearance with an elongated jaws with very sharp teeth having a laterally-compressed body, it grows to around 50 to 75 centimetres - 20” to 30”  in length. The dorsal, pectoral and anal fins are situated on the back of the body. Positioning the fins so far back gives greater flexibility and manoeuvrability to the body. The colour of the body is bluish green in appearance with a silvery grey belly. These fish can be found along many Southern uk waters between April and October.


Tactics - Baits
You can catch garfish by float fishing using a trace between 2 and 4 ft from the float. Also very popular is spinners worked very close to the surface, when hooked you will usually see the garfish leaping completely clear of the water’s surface. These fish are normally found in large numbers shoaling with Mackerel. Commonly used baits are small strips of fish but even ragworm will work well.


These fish have a green backbone so on eating tend to be a little off putting but regardless they are very tasty eating and it’s only the presence of biliverdin making the bones green which is completely harmless. Garfish can be boiled, fried, baked and even barbecued.
Boat and Shore Records


Boats and Shore Captured Records
Boat Captured Garfish Record 3-09-08 Mount Bay, Cornwall A Saunders 1994
Shore Captured Garfish record 3-04-12 Porthoustock, Cornwall F Williams 1995


Use tackle box, for storing your bits and pieces of fishing tackle. When hunting big fish use a trolling lure easy to run and productive on tuna and other predatory fish.


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