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Dogfish (Scyliorbinus canicula)


The Dogfish "Doggie" for short can be found feeding close to the shore. The Dogfish have eyelids and a very rough skin, the best way to handle them is to grab it by its head and tail to prevent it climbing your arm. These sea fish can generally be found around most of the UK coast line, they are generally a scavenger fish and will feed on most food sources available. Can grow to a length of 1mtr / 3ft 3” and can weigh up to 2kg / 4.4lb.


Tactics - Baits
By far the best and commonly used bait for dogfish is frozen sand eels but also Mackerel strips and other fish baits work very  well, they are pretty much  scavenger fish so will feed on most baits. You can use many types of rig to catch this species, 2 or 3 hook flapper is ideal to catch more when these fish are close range and in abundance, or if they are at distance 2 or 3 hook clip down rig would suffice with size 1 to 1/0 hooks.


The dogfish can be underrated regarding cooking, it’s regularly used to make fish cakes, and another name for the dogfish is rock salmon.


Boat and Shore Record Weights
Boat Captured Dogfish Record 4-06-08 Port Logan, Scotland G Griffiths 1994
Shore Captured Dogfish Record 4-15-03 Abbey Burnfoot Kirkcudb. S Ramsey 1988


The key to great fishing is having comfortable equipment - great great fishing gear, including strong and sharp fishing hooks - top quality for a long time use.

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