Sea Fishing Baits

Sea Fishing Baits

Sea Fishing Baits - Hermit Crab Pictures Hermit Crab Bait Baits Pictures Picture Sea Fishing Baits Bait SEA BAIT - Hermit Crab is called by this name because it lives in discarded periwinkle / whelks and other sea shells. Use the flame of a lighter to gently warm the underneath of the shell this will bring the hermit out intact, it is not realy possible to pull the Hermit Crab out directly by its claws this would normally cause damage to the Crab. large hermit crabs should be placed on the hook tail first, sliding them up the shank, bringing the hook point out through the mouth. Hermit Crab is also great sea fishing bait for Dogfish, Plaice, Flounders. It is also a great commonly used bait for Smoothhound.

Sea Fishing Bait - Ragworm Pictures Ragworm Bait Baits Pictures Picture Sea Angling Baits BaitSEA BAIT - Ragworm - There are several varieties of this worm, the largest being the King ragworm, the largest of this variety would normally be used for large sea fish species. The smaller worm is very good for most small fish and is generely a great allround sea bait. Beware of the pincers on the larger worm they can give quite a nip!

Sea Fishing Baits - lugworm pictures of Lugworm PictureSEA BAIT - Lugworm - Can be found in large numbers in mud or sand There are two main species, 1)- Black Lugworm, A large lugworm which can be great for cod fishing or used out on the boat fishing for larger species. 2)- The softer common lugworm which is generally another great allround Sea bait for most smaller species, flatfish/sole/pout ect.

image to appear soonSEA BAITS - White Ragworm -This species of ragworm can be found in clean sand or shingle in the vicinity of the low spring tide line, its appearance is white in colour and is commonly used for small species Flatfish, sole,rockling dabs ect.

Sea Angling Baits Peeler Crab Picture Pictures of Peeler Crab PictureSEA BAITS - Peeler Crab - It gets its name from the fact that it sheds its skin at several stages throughout its life. A great and very popular bait which is full of fish attracting scent, and is very effective for a variety of sea fish including bass, thornback ray , Cod , eel , and several other species


Sea Angling Baits Mackerel Pictures Picture Mackerel Bait Baits Pictures Picture Sea Fishing BaitSEA BAITS - Mackerel The most important of all sea Fishing baits, Mackerel can be used for almost every species of fish from both boat and shore. It can be cut into strips and used to catch pollack gurnard. One full side fillet can be used on a Pennel rig to temp large Bass/Rays etc, also the Head is a great bait used to catch Conger / Bass

SEA BAIT Sea Fishing Baits Squid Bait Baits Pictures Picture Sea Angling BaitSEA BAIT - Squid - It can be used whole for larger species Cod / Bass etc or the body section cut in to small strips for the smaller species, Squid is commonly used for tipping off worm baits, it is a very tough bait


Sandeel Sand Eel Pictures Sand Eel Bait Baits Pictures Picture Sandeels Sea Fishing Baits BaitSEA BAIT - Sandeels - Live sandeel is good for bass. Whole small or medium sandeels are most effective for rays, huss, whiting, turbot, brill, dogfish, pollack, but is especially good for dogfish, They will stay alive in a bucket of cool, aerated sea water for several days.

Sea Fishing Baits Bait Black Lugworm SEA BAIT - Black Lug - Black lugworm live right at the low water line of big spring tides, Black lugworms "Arenicola defodiens" are dug individually, sometimes using a specially adapted spade, to extract them from about an arm’s length depth, but these days are commonly taken by using a bait pump, they are a well known Sea Fishing bait for catching Cod from the shore used in combinations with Mackerel Squid, usually presented on a pennel rig with the Mackerel/Squid used for Tipping off, but are also known to be used for other species, Flounder, Dabs ect.

Razor Fish Pictures  of Razor Fish  Bait  Razorfish bait Sea Fishing BaitsSEA BAITS - Razor fish live in a burrow in the sand which can be up to 3 foot deep in depth, a common way of collecting them is to walk backwords over the sand, and as you get near a Razorfish hole, you will see a spout of water shoot out of the burrow, locate the key shaped hole and with a plastice bottle "washing up liquid bottle will do" filled with salty water. Then squirting some down the key shaped hole this will make the Razorfish clean its burrow in dislike to the concentration of salt, and it is at that point you can carefully pull the Razorfish out, being carefull not to pull it away from the shell.

Sea Fishing Baits