Sea Fish - Black Bream
BLACK BREAM - Habitat - A fish that can be caught during the Summer months. Top Baits - Small pieces of fish, Ragworm
Dab Sea Fish Dab
DAB - Habitat - The Dab can be found on sand / shell grit bottoms Top Baits - Lugworm, Ragworm, stale Lugworm is commonly used Methods - Fishing 3 baits close to the shore
Flounder Sea Fish Flounder
FLOUNDER - Habitat - Widesread, Normally found close to the shore, sometimes within just a couple of feet, Top Baits - Ragworm, Lugworm, Peeler crab in spring,
Plaice Sea Fish Plaice
PLAICE - Habitat Widspread Found inshore all around Britain, likes to be around sandy / shell-grit bottoms, also can be found close to mussel beds. Top Baits Lugworm, Ragworm, also Peeler crab in spring.
Sole Sea Fish Sole
SOLE - Habitat - A nocturnal flatfish which can be caught close to the shore from sandy beaches. Top Baits - Lugworm, Ragworm presented on small hooks,
Bass Sea Fish Bass
BASS - Habitat - Can be found often very close to the shore loving the surf. Top Baits - Mackeral Fillet, small pout live / dead, Lugworm, Ragworm, Peeler crab.
Tub Gurnard Sea Fish Gurnard
TUB GURNARD - Habitat - mostly around sandy beaches. Top Baits - Mackeral Strip, Ragworm, Lugworm, and Peeler crab are all great baits.
Dogfish Sea Fish Dogfish
DOGFISH - Habitat- is a bottom feeder feeding mainly on Molluscs, Crustaceans, they tend to feed by scent rather than sight. Top Baits Sandeel, fresh Mackerel, Peeler Crab, Hermit Crab
Mackerel Sea Fish Mackerel
MACKEREL - Habitat - The Mackerel, can be caught during the summer months shoaling along the UK coasts in large numbers. Tactics:- Float, spinners, but mainly Feathers are used fishing up to 6 feathers at a time
Pollack Sea Fish Pollack
Habitat - Bigger fish are found out at sea, around wrecks / reefs ect Smaller fish can be caught from pier walls and rocky marks. Top Baits - fish, Ragworm, Peeler crabs. Methods - Spinners / Lures often work very well.
Pout Sea Fish Pout
POUT- Habitat - Widspread can be found at all ranges from the shore Top Baits - small peices of fish, Ragworm, Peeler crab, Methods - normally caught using a 3 hook flapper rig fished short to medium range with small baits and hooks "up to size 1".
Rockling Sea Fish Pollack
SHORE ROCKLING - Habitat Found around shallow water rocky areas, has three barbels on the head and a dorsal fin of a line of vibrating rays set in a trench on its back Top baits ,Ragworm, White rag,peeler crab
Scad Sea Fish Scad
SCAD - Habitat - The scad, also know as the horse mackerel, can be caught during the summer months. Tactics:- float fishing, spinnning, feathers. Baits:- Small Mackerel Strip.
Smoothhound Shark Smoothhounds
STARRY SMOOTHHOUND - Peeler Crab, Hermit Crab, but will also take Ragworm and Squid Baits
Whiting Sea Fish Whiting
WHITING - a member of the Cod Family, Habitat - Shallow beaches with clean sand can be good for Whiting.Top Baits, Mackerel, Lugworm, Squid
Garfish Sea Fish Garfish
GARFISH - Habitat - The Garfish, can be caught during the summer months. Tactics:- Float fishing using a bait between 2ft-4ft deph. baits:- Small Mackerel Strip
Cod Sea Fish Cod
COD - Habitat - Widespread, larger fish prefer reefs / wrecks. Top Baits - Lugworm, squid, Peeler crab. Methods - Long range casting from the shore.